How to Ride the Dragon

· Ride the Dragon at your skill level - don't try to push it or keep up with faster riders.

. Avoid the painted lines when the pavement is wet. They are extremely slippery.

· STAY IN YOUR LANE, FOR THAT MATTER STAY IN THE RIGHT HALF OF YOUR LANE There are videos available for sale that show riders cutting the corners and taking chances that might appear "fun" while sitting in your easy chair. BEWARE!. this style of riding on the Dragon can cost you dearly. The challenge of the Dragon is to take the many curves in the best line possible and both lanes IS NOT "the line". Ride Florida if you like to straighten out the curves.

· Do NOT sightsee. The Dragon is to ride, not to watch the sights. On many runs I don't even see what is on the side of the road. I'm watching the roadway ahead.

· Look far ahead at the road, curves, bushes, other vehicles, etc. If you haven't seen the hazards right in front of you, you are going to hit them anyway, so you might as well pay attention to what you can avoid.

. We have seen deer, bear, turkeys, and wild boar on the roadway. Be ready to brake and slow.

· Maintain a "safe zone". Keep a safe distance between you and the vehicle ahead of you. Watch your rear view mirrors for faster vehicles. If you see a faster rider/driver coming up behind you, pull over to the right half of your lane, slow down, and wave them around. It is much safer to give a faster rider half of your lane than to try to outrun him. NEVER stay left trying to keep him from passing. NEVER pull off the road onto a gravel/low shoulder. It may be illegal to pass on the Dragon, but I'll let a faster rider get around me to protect my safe zone.

· There will always be faster riders than you. Don't try to be the King of the Dragon.

· Ride the Dragon many times before trying to challenge it. Then you still need to respect it.

· DO NOT LAY ON THE BRAKES if you see danger ahead. You are much better off to trust your tires and lay into the corner than to hit your brakes hard. Some 90% of the accidents on the Dragon are due to speed and then over-braking.

· If you see another vehicle coming at you in your lane, hug the white line in your lane. In all likelihood you can avoid trucks and trailers if you take the inside 2 feet in the corners. BUT DO NOT CUT THE CORNERS too tight and run off the road on the inside. YOU WILL GO DOWN IF YOU DO.

· Stay between the double yellow and the white line. Do not dive over the double yellow or cut inside the white line in corners.

· Wear protective gear, especially armored gloves, boots, leathers, and full-face helmets.

· DO NOT be spooked by other riders. DO NOT make sudden avoidance moves. You might have to adjust your line to avoid a car, truck, or bike, but DO NOT lay on the brakes or turn off the roadway unless that is the only out you have.

· Avoid riding hard on the Dragon in heavy traffic times. Weekends from 11 am to 5 pm are the busiest. These are the times to lay back and enjoy watching the "show".

· The early mornings (before 11 am) and the late afternoons (after 5 pm) have the least traffic.

· ALWAYS stay 100% alert. You do not have the advantage of relaxing on the Dragon.

· Try your tricks elsewhere. Wheelies, stoppies, etc. will get you in trouble and trash your bike and maybe you.

· Make sure your bike is mechanically sound and that your tires are good.

· Plan to make several runs, the first is always a nervous one .... then you can have fun on the second and third.

· Remember that it takes a while to heat your tires up. We have seen too many bikers go down right after they start.

· DO NOT over-use your brakes. Use your gears and DOWNSHIFT. A good Dragon rider WILL NOT use a lot of brakes.

· Focus - do not daydream. Watch the road, your mirrors, and pay attention to other bikes/cars/trucks.

99% of the accidents on the Dragon come from the following:

· Too much speed

· Too much brakes

· Tricks

· People who should not be riding in the first place

· Inattentiveness